Mistakes to Avoid When Driving at Night

Driving at night increases the risks of possible incidents and accidents irrespective of the place. Whether a national highway, cross country, interior route, city roads, countryside, etc., multiple risks are involved considering factors like speed, light, weather, etc. Circling back to the city of lights, Dubai can also possess risk while driving at night. The factors such as bad climate, weak visibility and fatigue can increase the risk in a city like Dubai where the traffic or movement is very much alive even during the night. The number of traffic-related fatalities at night is three times higher, according to rental car Dubai. It’s only fair to discuss these incidents and understand where it roots from and how they can be avoided. While driving, you are prone to make minor mistakes, but the most commonly committed mistakes that can be fatal include the following.

Misuse of Beams

An experienced driver often struggles with switching between dim and vivid beams, and a midnight driver must remain vigilant. Headlights should be adjusted correctly for height and direction to keep away from blinding other drivers. Use your high beams in a region with low visibility to see oncoming cars and moving vehicles on the road without overwhelming them.


The driving speed at night is often excessive because the traffic is comparatively low; however, one cannot predict the sudden occurrence of a sticky situation where someone may run across the road or try crossing hastily. This is one of the factors that cause a driver to apply a sudden brake or swerve, which may result in accidents. You may not be able to observe animals crossing the street at high speeds outside of the town. It’s always advisable to drive at a reasonable pace while keeping an eye on the road and abiding by the law.

Basic Distractions

Often drivers who are driving at night are at ease since they have this mentality that the roads are mostly empty; therefore, they speed up and utilize their mobile phones and gadgets, which can be a major distraction and can be fatal.


It is common for worn-out drivers to sit behind the wheel in their automobiles when they are worn out. It would help if you got out of your automobile every time you felt drained, no matter how experienced a driver you are.

Drinking and Driving

A person is prohibited from drinking and driving. It is a crime from the standpoint of both the law and is one of the major reasons for causing accidents. Even though alcohol doesn’t affect you directly, alcohol prolongs reactions, motions, and response times. You should call a cab after drinking alcohol and avoid getting behind the wheels. When intoxicated, do notdrive!


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