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Rental Period:

The rental period begins and ends at 12 midnight. If the vehicle is returned after 12 midnight, an additional day’s rent will be charged. For chauffeur-driven rentals, the duration is 10 hours per day, starting and finishing according to the agreed start time stated in your rental agreement or booking voucher.

Time & Mileage Rental:

The minimum charge for time and mileage rental is 4 hours. This type of rental includes a chauffeur-driven car, excluding fuel, parking, and other charges. Mileage charges start from the moment the vehicle leaves the Carlay office and end when the vehicle is returned. Kilometer charges are based on the current market price of fuel, and if the fuel cost increases by 5%, the per kilometer cost will be adjusted accordingly by Carlay.

Day/Tenure Specific Rental:

This rental option includes a chauffeur-driven car, excluding fuel, parking, and other charges. The chauffeur must be given a break for lunch and dinner. Additionally, the chauffeur should have a minimum consecutive break of eight hours during a 24-hour duty period to ensure safety.

Driving Speed:

The chauffeur will drive at a reasonable speed based on their judgment of road conditions and traffic. Under no circumstances should the chauffeur be pressured to exceed the posted speed limits.

As a Customer:

You have the right to make complaints regarding the driver, service, or vehicle, but you cannot reprimand the chauffeur on your own or force the driver to violate company policies.


At our registered office location, we accept cash and credit cards (temporarily unavailable). However, a 2.5% handling charge will be added to credit card transactions. Please note that if payment is made at any other location, the customer will be responsible for any mishaps.

Changes to your Booking:

Subject to availability, you may make certain changes to your booking by contacting the Carlay office.

Changes before the start of your rental:

Subject to availability, before the agreed rental start time, you may change the location, start date/time (restrictions apply), and end date/time.

Changes after Vehicle has been collected:

Subject to availability, after collecting the vehicle, you may extend the end date/time.

Please note:

  • Extended rental periods will be charged at the current price.
  • If the cost of the changed booking is higher than the original booking, the difference will be charged.
  • If the cost of the changed booking is lower than the original booking, no refund will be provided.
  • If a vehicle is booked for a longer period to avail discounts but returned before the agreed date, the rent for the preceding slot will be charged as mentioned in the “Rates” page.


Collection of Vehicle on Self-Driven Basis:

Required documents for self-driven vehicle rental:

  • Computerized National Identity Card or Passport.
  • Valid Driving License.
  • Blank cheque.
  • The credit card or cash specified during the booking.

Damage Policy:

In case of any damage or loss to the vehicle, the client will be charged for any expenses directly related to restoring the vehicle to its original condition. This includes out-of-pocket expenses.

Please ensure that you:

  • Keep a copy of your rental agreement or booking voucher in the vehicle at all times.
  • Do not use the vehicle for hire, reward, or any paid work involving the vehicle.
  • Do not use the vehicle for off-road driving or drive it without due care and attention.
  • Keep the vehicle safe, secure, and properly protected against damage while parking and driving.
  • Do not use or drive the vehicle in violation of any law or for any criminal activity
  • Do not continue using the vehicle if there is a fault that could further damage it.
  • Do not allow unauthorized persons to drive the vehicle.
  • Do not operate the vehicle while intoxicated or under the influence of any medication or substance that impairs driving ability.
  • Do not perform any work on or modify the vehicle’s components, specifications, or appearance.
  • Do not claim ownership of the vehicle or represent yourself as Carlay’s agent.
  • Do not remove or change any name or mark identifying the ownership of the vehicle.
  • Immediately inform Carlay of the vehicle’s whereabouts upon request.
  • Do not sell, rent, or dispose of the vehicle or any additional equipment.
  • Ensure that the vehicle is not used in unsafe conditions or for purposes it is not designed or suitable for. This includes not overloading the vehicle, properly securing all loads, and not carrying hazardous, dangerous, or flammable substances.
  • Do not use the vehicle for racing, pace making, or any other form of competition.

Please note:

  • All vehicles are provided with a full tank of fuel. The vehicles must be returned with a full tank, or refueling charges will apply. The type of fuel required is specified in the vehicle’s documents and on the tank. Customers are responsible for any fuel mistakes.
  • Carlay assumes no responsibility for any property left in the vehicle or damaged as a result of being in the vehicle. Personal items and luggage are not insured, and we do not recommend keeping such items in the car. Carlay is not liable for the loss or damage of the user’s or any other person’s property stored or transported in the rented car, service car, or Carlay’s premises.
  • State and border restrictions apply. The vehicle is to be driven only on the Pakistan mainland. FATA and Northern Areas are excluded.
  • Toll taxes, parking fees, and similar charges are the responsibility of the renting party.
  • We do not operate on a credit basis. The entire rental amount must be paid at the time of taking possession of the vehicle. However, bookings are confirmed upon receipt of a token payment.
  • Cars are delivered to clients in a clean condition and are expected to be returned in a similar condition. An additional fee of PKR 500/- will be charged for car wash/service if the vehicle is returned in an untidy condition.
  • Renting parties need to inform Carlay in advance regarding the places they intend to visit outside of Lahore, so that the Tracker company can be notified.
  • All rentals must be initiated and closed in Lahore. Charges for dropping off the vehicle in any other city, as well as fuel, tolls, or any other charges to bring the car back to Lahore, will be borne by the client.

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