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Mistakes to Avoid When Driving at Night

Driving at night increases the risks of possible incidents and accidents irrespective of the place. Whether a national highway, cross country, interior route, city roads, countryside, etc., multiple risks are involved considering factors like speed, light, weather, etc. Circling back to the city of lights, Dubai

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The Right Time to Use Fog Lights

The weather in Pakistan frequently fluctuates, from sandstorms to rain to fog, requiring fog lights. According to the toll road code, fog lights are used only if visibility is at least one hundred meters – which is about the size of a soccer field. If it’s

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All You Need to Check When Renting a Car

When going out, a rental car is the most accessible transport mode. Yet when we book a vehicle, we cannot be sure of what we will actually get. Some companies advertise a different car, and when you receive it, the car is not worth taking. This

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Top 4 Tips to Avoid Road Accidents in Your Rental Car

When you rent a car – whether in Pakistan or anywhere else, you have added responsibility of ensuring the wellbeing of not just yourself and your near and dear ones, but also that of the vehicle that you have rented. Avoid Mobile Phone Usage while Driving

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Protect Your Rent a Car with These Handy Tips

While renting a car in the Pakistan, the primary and most crucial step is to protect your car from any damage or theft. If you rent a car in Pakistan, the rent a car agency in Pakistan offers you an extensive range of vehicles that suits

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