The Right Time to Use Fog Lights

The weather in Pakistan frequently fluctuates, from sandstorms to rain to fog, requiring fog lights. According to the toll road code, fog lights are used only if visibility is at least one hundred meters – which is about the size of a soccer field. If it’s used for a prolonged period, it can pose risks for other drivers. A fog lighting fixture increases visibility in awful weather conditions, whether foggy, rainy, or snowy etc. Fog lights can be added to the front or rear of a vehicle. Even in drizzle or light rain, they can be used. You could get fined by the police if you use fog lights generally, which can cause the other drivers to be dazzled. Because of this, you must utilize fog lighting correctly and choose a vehicle with indicators that operate when needed. The questions to ask in these cases are; when to use fog lights? Is fog lighting mandatory at the back and front of the vehicle? Find out the answers to how and when to use fog lights when driving rental cars in Dubai or your own automobile.

While Driving, Which Fog Lights Are Used?

Since fog lights in front are no longer required, but for your safety, you can install either white or yellow lights, and while some vehicles already have them, you may need to install them in others. It is better for drivers who drive throughout the night and travel crossroads or far off destination when the weather seems a bit dicey. You must also turn on the location lighting if you choose to use it. Do not use your phones while driving; these may cause accidents as well.

At What Times Do They Work Best?

Fog lighting fixtures are activated when there is fog, rain, snow, dust, or a mild sand storm that makes it difficult to see the roads and cars in front. Aside from driving long distances, they can also be used on slender roads at night for tight curves.

Is the Rear Fog Light Used?

Front fog lights are optional, but rear ones are mandatory. Every car has them, which is why they are standard. Fog lighting at the rear differs from position lighting in that it glows with greater intensity. Fog lights must be turned on if it’s raining heavily, if it’s snowing heavily, or if there’s fog. When heavy rain, snow, or fog occurs, rear fog lights should be turned on. Driving in bad weather conditions is much easier with these lights on.

Do Dense Fogs Exist? What Does It Suggest About the Intensity of the Rain?

The fog is dense if you cannot peer your car from ten to twenty meters in advance. Despite the wipers circulating at their maximum speeds, it is impossible to see through them due to the speed of the rain.

Agencies who offer Cars for rent in Pakistan always inform their consumers about the use of fog lights.


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